Corrugated Card


Corrugated Card

Single faced corrugated rolls are made from laminated, smooth fibreboard on one side with corrugated flutes on the other side. A cost-effective, general purpose packaging material that offers great protection for industrial or irregular shaped items.

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  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Economical packaging solution
  • Easily to cut to size
  • Absorbs shocks
  • Minimises scratches


Single faced corrugated paper is suited to packaging irregular shaped items for storage and transit. Its relative low-cost also means it can be used as void fill and interleaving.

Available Sizes

Size Unit
300mm x 75m Roll
450mm x 75m Roll
600mm x 75m Roll
650mm x 75m Roll
750mm x 75m Roll
900mm x 75m Roll
1000mm x 75m Roll
1200mm x 75m Roll
1500mm x 75m Roll

Other sizes can be made to order, please contact the sales office.