DPS Postal Bags


DPS Postal Bags

DPS Postal Bags are lightweight, economical mailers for all types of items. Available in brown and white, the outer paper lining provides protection from tear and puncture whilst the bubble lining provides cushioning against impact and shocks.



  • Extremely lightweight, reducing postal cost
  • Economical Mailer
  • Strong peel and seal closure
  • Tear and puncture resistance


The mailer can be used to post a wide range of items that require extra protection during transit. The range in sizes and bubble cushioning make it ideal to package mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, brochures, books and clothes.

Available Sizes

Internal Size External Size Quantity
120mm x 210mm 145mm x 225mm 100
150mm x 210mm 180mm x 225mm 100
180mm x 265mm 210mm x 280mm 100
220mm x 265mm 250mm x 280mm 100
220mm x 340mm 265mm x 355mm 100
240mm x 340mm 275mm x 360mm 100
270mm x 345mm 295mm x 385mm 100
300mm x 450mm 330mm x 470mm 100
350mm x 450mm 380mm x 470mm 100