Fingerlift Tape

Fingerlift tape

Fingerlift Tape

A permanent double sided tape which has an overlapping backing film for easy removal and speed of use. The tape is available made from different materials and adhesives depending on the application.

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Easy and quick tape to use.


Used for adhesive strips for mailing bags and padded envelopes.

Point of sale and splicing.

Commercial artwork and photographic work.

Printed stationery including folders etc.



Description Size Box Quantity
F/Lift tissue tape 6 / 12mm x 50m 90 rolls
F/Lift tissue tape 12 / 18mm x 50m 65 rolls
F/Lift tissue tape 18 / 24mm x 50m 50 rolls
F/Lift tissue tape 24 / 30mm x 50m 40 rolls
F/Lift PE tape 5/10mm x 3000m 16 rolls
F/Lift PE tape 8 / 15mm x 3000m 16 rolls