Glue Guns & Glue Sticks


Glue Guns & Glue Sticks

Delivering increased heating power to melt glue faster and incorporating adjustable features for high volume production operations. Ergonomically designed, they feel balanced and light in the hand. Long triggers and narrow profiles provide unrivalled ease of use ensuring daylong comfort and reduced fatigue on repetitive work. All guns include a 12 month warranty


GX120  – Light duty industrial glue gun 12mm. Ideal for dispensing small amounts of glue.

(pictured left)


GX300  – Medium duty industrial glue gun 12mm. Variable temperature control and glue flow, ideal for most high output industrial applications.


GX600  – Heavy duty industrial glue gun 18mm. Suitable for applications requiring a large glue output. Long trigger for comfort and adjustable temperature and flow control.




FSS     – Fast setting stick for bonding card and paper. Ideal for carton sealing and packaging

MPS    – Multipurpose glue for the majority of applications. Ideal for fabrics, upholstery, plastics etc.

HSS     – High strength for assembly. Excellent on many plastics, metal and wood.

LTS     – Low melt adhesive. Ideal for bonding heat sensitive materials without damage such as polystyrene. Also suitable for use on fabrics, paper and card.