Pallet Boxes

Pallet box

Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are made from strong, double walled cardboard and usually consist of a sleeve, lid and a base tray which is fixed to a wooden pallet. The sleeve is corrugated so that it can be folded into the base for storage.



  • Tough packaging for shipping
  • Suitable for heavy goods
  • Easy to contruct
  • Reusable


Pallet boxes are a robust and reliable packaging solution for heavy and large, irregular shaped items. Their dimensions utilise the available space of containers.

Available Sizes

Size Type Unit
1070mm x 870mm x 900mm 1/1 Container 1 box
1100mm x 900mm x 1020mm 1/1 Container 1 box
1070mm x 870mm x 550mm 1/2 Container 1 box
1100mm x 900mm x 670mm 1/2 Container 1 box
1170mm x 770mm x 660mm 1/1 Europa 1 box
1200mm x 800mm x 780mm 1/1 Europa 1 box
770mm x 570mm x 660mm 1/2 Europa 1 box
800mm x 600mm x 780mm 1/2 Europa 1 box