Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping

Polyester Strapping

Green polyester strapping is a high performance product which is commonly used as a alternative for steel strapping.



Can be used for heavy duty applications

Softer than steel therefore suitable for use with products that steel would damage.

Different widths and breaking strains available.



Perfect for long term external use

Securing heavy and awkward goods

Offers protection against theft


Description Width Length Core Breaking Strain
Polyester strapping green 12mm 3000m Cardboard 255 kg
Polyester strapping green 12.5mm 2000m Cardboard 350kg
Polyester strapping green 15.5mm 2000m Cardboard 410kg
Polyester strapping green 15.5mm 1500m Cardboard 560kg
Polyester strapping green 19mm 1000m Cardboard 850kg
Polyester strapping black 12.5mm 1600m Plastic 390kg
Polyester strapping black 16mm 750m Plastic 580kg


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