Postal Tubes

Postal tubes

Postal Tubes

Made from spiral bound cardboard, postal tubes provide a tough, affordable packaging solution offering protection against folding or bending. The tubes are supplied in various lengths and diameters and with or without end caps.



  • Minimises shipping costs
  • Provides a robust solution for large paper goods
  • Easy to use


Postal tubes provide an excellent way to post elongated items or rolled up paper goods such as posters, proofs, plans and sketches.

Available Sizes

Thickness Size Unit
1.5mm 50mm x 330mm 25
1.5mm 50mm x 430mm 25
2mm 50mm x 625mm 25
2mm 50mm x 890mm 25
1.5mm 76mm x 305mm 12
1.5mm 76mm x 450mm 12
1.5mm 76mm x 610mm 12
1.5mm 76mm x 760mm 12
1.5mm 76mm x 890mm 12