Screw top tins

Lever lid tins and Screw top tins

Screw top tins


CroozPack Ltd offer a range of metal packaging that will provide solutions for most industrial applications. These come with or without UN or RID/ADR certification to cover products under the “transportation of hazardous substances” legislation.

Whilst the external colour on most of the ranges we stock are externally white we can provide containers decorated to your own design or provide an external colour coating of your choice. We can also offer internal lacquers to allow storage of water based products or those considered to have corrosive chemical substances. The plain internal finish of tinplate is ideal for products containing solvents.

These containers can be supplied boxed up in small quantities up to full truck loads.

  • Available in sizes ranging from 125ml to 5litres
  • Plastic closures also available in all sizes
  • A traditional method of packaging for a wide range of industrial liquids
  • UN approval on sizes 250ml up to 5litres