Anti-Static Bubble Wrap


Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Anti-Static bubble is specifically designed to dissipate static charge. It is made up of three layers of plastic film and like normal bubble wrap, small air cushions are used to protect the items.



  • Protects electronic items prone to damage from static
  • Tough and tear resistant
  • Protects against dirt and moisture


Anti-static bubble wrap is used to package and protect electronic components that may become damaged by static charge. Computer peripherals and circuit boards are commonly packaged with anti-static bubble.

Available Sizes

Bubble Size Size Unit
Small 1000mm x 100m 1 Roll
Small 1200mm x 100m 1 Roll
Small 1500mm x 100m 1 Roll
Small 600mm x 100m 2 Rolls
Small 750mm x 100m 2 Rolls
Small 500mm x 100m 3 Rolls
Small 300mm x 100m 5 Rolls
Large 1500mm x 50m 1 Roll
Large 750mm x 50m 2 Rolls
Large 500mm x 50m 3 Rolls
Large 300mm x 50m 5 Rolls