Polyethylene Foam

Foam roll

Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene packaging foam is a strong, lightweight cushioning material for all types of products. Its low density polyethylene material can provide non-abrasive protection for delicate items prone to scuffs and scratches. Supplied in rolls of various sizes.



  • Lightweight, flexible material
  • Insulates and resistant to moisture
  • Provides uniform cushioning and shock absorbency
  • Thinner than bubble wrap.
  • Free of CFCs
  • Re-usable
  • Heat-sealable


Polyethylene foam is an ideal solution for all surface protection requirements protecting against dirt, scratches, shocks and moisture. Its insulation qualities also make it suitable for storage and transit protection.

Available Sizes

Thickness Size Unit
1.0mm 1000mm x 300m Roll
1.0mm 750mm x 300m 2 Rolls
1.5mm 1000mm x 200m Roll
1.5mm 500mm x 200m 3 Rolls
1.0mm 1200mm x 300m Roll
1.0mm 1500mm x 300m Roll
1.0mm 500mm x 300m 3 Rolls
2.5mm 1500mm x 120m Roll
2.5mm 750mm x 120m 2 Rolls
2.5mm 500mm x 120m 3 Rolls
4.0mm 1500mm x 75m Roll
4.0mm 750mm x 75m 2 Rolls
4.0mm 500mm x 75m 3 Rolls