Centrefold Polythene


Centrefold Polythene

Polythene sheeting which is folded in half on a roll and opens up to double the width when using. Rolls can be made to order plain or printed and available from stock in smaller quantities.



Protects against dirt and moisture.

Can be heat shrunk to provide security and retention of load to a pallet.

Rolls can be made to order in any gauge required.


Flexible and therefore perfect for variety of uses.

Stock Sizes Available

Centrefold Polythene Rolls Gauge Roll length
1000/2000mm 250g Medium Duty 50mtr
1000/2000mm 500g Heavy Duty 25mtr
2000/4000mm 250g Medium Duty 50mtr
2000/4000mm 500g Heavy Duty 25mtr