Shrinkable Pallet Covers

Shrinkable covers

Shrinkable Pallet Covers

Polythene pallet covers offer a safe way of securing products to pallets in transit. They can be made to order plain or printed and available from stock in smaller quantities.



Once heat shrunk they offer excellent protection against the elements and high security against pilferage.

Offers high performance and load retention even with the most awkward shapes, sizes and especially with heavy products.


Used to secure heavy or awkward products in transit.

Provides protection against moisture and dirt.

Stock Sizes available

Cover Size To Fit Load Size Quantity Per Roll
1250x2100x1700mm 1200x800x1200mm 25
1270x2337x1200mm 1200x1000x800mm 40
1270x2337x1800mm 1200x10001200mm 25
1270x2337x2100mm 1200x1000x1525mm 25


New high quality co-extruded film enable us to reduce thickness whilst maintaining performance and offering you substantial savings. Less polythene is required therefore benefits the environment.

Please ask for details as excellent savings can be achieved using the latest technology films.